FAQ - Studies

I need to contact someone but I do not know who, can I get some help ?

Depending on which year you are in, you have a privileged contact :

- first year: Nathalie Cornay (  nathalie.cornay@ecp.fr  - N231 )

- second year: Jean-Louis Bruder (  jean-louis.bruder@ecp.fr  - E227 )

- third year: Martine Lété ( martine.lete@ecp.fr  - W203) et François Ract ( francois.ract@ecp.fr – W203 )

You may also contact Marisol Verstraete, who works at the Head of International Relations and is in charge of the incoming students.

You will find complete information by going to "Informations générales" -> "Contacts au sein de l'école"



What about languages and sport classes ?

These courses have particular conditions, it is important to understand how it works. You will find all the information you need to know by going to "1re année" -> "Les cours" -> "Langues et sport". The information is the same if you are studying in second year.

In charge of sports : Stéphane Blondel ( stephane.blondel@ecp.fr  - Bureau des Sports )

In charge of languages :  Melissa Rambinaissing ( melissa.rambinaissing@ecp.fr  - S127 )